CMG s.r.l. specialises in construction and maintenance of industrial and civil plants, maintenance of oil industry plants, machining, piping, and metalwork. Our experience, know-how, modern equipment, and plant technologies are the strengths of the entire design and production division, making C.M.G. an outstanding partner in the local and countrywide market.

The high skill level when it comes to mechanical maintenance in many sectors such as overhauling of valves and actuators, and metalwork in aluminium, steel, and stainless steel, including welding, makes our Company highly flexible when it comes to Customer satisfaction, in terms of both quality of the work done and the punctuality of the same. Today CMG s.r.l. is able to satisfy any operating need, even at night and on non-working days, and this great milestone makes our Company stand out as a reliable partner, ready to take action at any time.


CMG s.r.l. specialises in construction and maintenance of industrial and civil plants, as well as having specific experience in maintaining oil industry plants.i.

Ongoing research into innovative technological solutions allows cutting-edge execution of works in the plant engineering sector, making our Company a dependable point of reference for the local and countrywide market.


Construction and condition monitoring to ensure a reliable plant


New technologies and specific skills to add value to your capital


Safety and experience - always at your service


Quality, safety, and environment are the three key points on which the entire CMG’s policy is based. Minimising environmental impact, continuous discussions with SIOT technicians and inspectors, and in-house communication to involve all employees in the goals set, make our Company very stable and allow it to grow continually. Occupational health and safety are another key point: all employees undergo ongoing training and refresher courses on the correct use of tools and PPE devices.

In fact, the Company’s investments in quality, safety, and the environment, such as installing photovoltaic panels, a waste water purifier, and a defibrillator, are just some of the points that show how important the employees and the surrounding ecosystem are to CMG.

2005: valuable renovation

In 2005 we appointed architect Marco Guarnieri to look at renovation of G.M.G’s offices and production facility; G.M.G. Srl’s is our industrial plant maintenance company based in Via Travnik in Trieste’s Industrial Area.

The brief included cladding the existing building that houses the offices, whereas the rest of the structure was to be used for metalworking, machining, and assembly of spare parts. A new roof was built over the East side of the main facility equipped with an overhead crane for loading and off-loading large size components.

Another space was added to the back of the building to increase the total area of the production unit.

The external cladding proposed for the office building uses an aluminium façade system made up of laminated boards with polyurethane insulation, which significantly increased the inertia of that part of the building.

A curtain wall system is fixed to the outside of the office building, in the form of elongated windows with steel plating framing. These frames act as a shield against the sun’s radiation, as well as facilitating the run-off of rainwater.

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