MAINTENANCE OF LARGE PLANTS, TO THE FINEST DETAIL Experience in maintaining oil industry, industrial, and civil plants. Specialisation in mechanical, structural steel, and general maintenance.

The environment is important to us

CMG s.r.l. is based in San Dorligo della Valle, in the Zona Industriale Est, just a few kilometres from the splendid City of Trieste. The entire managerial, administrative, engineering, and production division works within fully renovated, cutting-edge premises that, above all, make use of a modern photovoltaic plant.

The architectural and logistics aspects of the inside of the building were designed to respect the surrounding environment, and cover a total of 4,800 sq.m, of which 2,000 are set aside for the staff that currently numbers 45 people.


CMG s.r.l. specialises in construction and maintenance of industrial and civil plants, as well as having specific experience in maintaining oil industry plants.

Ongoing research into innovative technological solutions allows cutting-edge execution of works in the plant engineering sector, making our Company a dependable point of reference for the local and countrywide market.


Construction and condition monitoring to ensure a reliable plant


New technologies and specific skills to add value to your capital


Safety and experience - always at your service

Mechanical maintenance

We are always ready to act

CMG’s team is made up of real specialists in routine and extraordinary mechanical maintenance, ready to deal with any operational need, even at night and on non-working days.

They cover multiple sectors: axial and centrifugal pumps, overhauling of valves and actuators, valve pressure checking, inspections and leak tests, diesel engines, compressors, fire-fighting systems, loading arms, piping, metalwork including welding, and machining in general.


General and structural metalwork

Emergency response with pinpoint accuracy


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, CMG is able to carry out wide ranging works on heavy and medium/light metalwork on behalf of third parties, precisely and timeously, meeting the requirements of various sectors.

Our Company’s know-how along with the equipment available, make it possible to produce general and structural metalwork.


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